How to activate your glutes for maximum GROWTH!
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Personalized/custom coaching:

SUPPLEMENTS I USE (all from 1up Nutrition) Code “HAYLEY”saves you 20-50%
1. 1Up for her (preworkout). Key lime ice is my favorite
2 BCAAs (vegan)
3. 1Up whey protein or vegan
4. Her daily cleanse which part of the”Her fat loss stack” (you can buy each individually as well)
5. Beauty dream (also part of the fat loss stack)
6.Greens and reds

Activewear partner:
TilYouCollapse discount code : “HAYLEY”

Workout :
3-4 glute activation exercises. 15-25 reps for each exercise

4 sets of 6 hip thrusts (with 1 warm up set of 10 reps)

Elevated cable deadlifts 4X10

Elevated lunges 3X8 per leg

Barbell jump squatsX10 SS deadliftsX10 for 3 sets

Sumo squat dropset 2 sets

Hamstring drops X3 for failure

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