10 Ways 2020 Will Positively Impact the Future

With people staying inside more than ever without the usual distractions that come with everyday life, innovative minds have been enabled to think outside the box and create some amazing things. For example, a boy in Iowa turned fallen trees from a devastating storm into wooden bats he created, and then sold his product to help provide for victims of the storm.

With public gatherings becoming nonexistent this year, many artists created virtual concerts or shifted to drive-ins to ensure social distancing. Without concerts, many musicians have spent more time in the studio this year, which means some great music is on the way. Considering Drake, Migos, Travis Scott, and more top artists are already planning to drop albums in the new year, 2021 and the following years could be full of better music thanks to the additional creative time in 2020. 

Other creators had more time to focus on their craft and come up with things that will have a major positive impact in the years ahead with the creative juices flowing like never before. In the sports world, the NBA created a ‘bubble’ to overcome the hurdles that come with a global pandemic, the NFL developed numerous campaigns to promote equality, and the MLB established some iconic memories during Jackie Robinson Day and the days prior. 

Even here at Pro Sports Outlook, this was a huge challenge considering our brand is built around being all about the GAME. With no games played for over four months, we had to shift course and create new ideas that would still bring value to sports fans. A daily Significant Sports History article, new PSO YouTube channel, an original show based on making future Pro Sports Takes, guide for how to get the most value out of PSO, and the idea for Premium Reviews for when the games came back might not have happened otherwise. 

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